The Xiaomi Mi A1 has taken the immense value last year and stretched it even further. The Xiaomi Mi A2 feels like a really solid 32k Rupees of phone it’s actually 20k Rupees. In the box of the smartphone, you get few common things like the User manual, TPU Case, Sim ejector pin, Charger and USB Cable and what is unusual is the USB C to 3.5mm Headphone jack converter cause this smartphone doesn’t have a headphone jack.

Xiaomi Mi A2 Review


The good news doesn’t end there, whilst Xiaomi has been using these Snapdragon 625 for some time now to power their mid-range devices, this time they stepped it up with the pretty new Snapdragon 660 and 4 gigabytes of RAM and 99% stock Android 8.1. It’s a really quick phone, it doesn’t have quite that same instantaneous snappiness you might find on the OnePlus 6 but for this price, it would be tough to point you to a faster feeling phone. Compared to Qualcomm’s 800 series flagship chips, you miss out on a chunk of graphics performance but games like PUPG on high settings, DarkKnight Rises runs on 30 frames per second.

Xiaomi Mi A2 Unboxing Xiaomi Mi A2 Unboxing

This is an Android One phone, Android One is essentially a guarantee from Google that you’re getting a solid and stable version of Android. This version will be free from bloatware and malware. The Android P update for this smartphone is also on the way, but there’s no date on that so we are expecting a couple of months at least. In terms of just the general look and feel, it’s worth clarifying something first, Xiaomi has three main tiers of phones, the budget Redmi devices, mid-range Mi A series devices and then their flagship Mi devices. Whilst the glass construction is saved for the highest tier, the MI A2 does benefit from a smooth metal finish, fairly well-disguised antenna bands and a curved back for the first time. as a point of comparison, this basically feels like a slightly heavier OnePlus 5t. It’s actually the exact same thickness as OnePlus 5t but just a couple of grams more.


The display which is one of the less impressive parts of the Mi A2, it’s a 5.99inch 1080p LCD panel. you do get the sort of modern rounded corners but its kind of feel like they’ve taken this a bit far. the curves on the display in the body together make it look like a bit of a toy from the front. It’s a bang on average screen robust but with an unglamorous color profile, OK contrast and viewing angles that are good for about 165 degrees, after which the phone becomes well less good.

Camera Performance

There are a lot of cool things this smartphone has and a lot of the big improvements since the last generation come from. The camera on the back got a 12-megapixel and 20-megapixel arrangement and the main camera sensor has had a nice upgrade since the Xiaomi Mi A1 which was already the best phone camera at the price. In fact, this time the Xiaomi Mi A2 comes dangerously close to the OnePlus 6. Dual camera photos are really punchy and detailed. the HDR mode kicks in pretty much when you need it. enabling it to cope fairly well even in challenging lighting. We really dig the portrait mode, as it is a budget phone, you sort of go in expecting one thing but you actually get something quite different. What’s even cooler is that in low-light you can switch to using the secondary 20-megapixel lens which has a neat trick up its sleeve. It uses pixel binning to fuse four smaller pixels into one large noise-free pixel, effectively scaling its 20-megapixel sensor into a 5-megapixel image which is then upscaled back to 20-megapixel. That does sound confusing and to the few of you that actually followed that probably pointless to the results speak for themselves in low light. It is noticeably sharper than photos from the primary lens and is even within a stone’s throw from the camera on the Vivo NEX S. The front 20-megapixel camera also benefits from the same tech and is actually one of the surprise highlights here. It uses Charlize new Beauty Engine 4.0 for even more intricate face embellishment and it’s a good feature when it’s on it’s lighter settings. There are even more options to make yourself beautiful than ever before. you can always turn it off if you don’t like it an unfortunate spin-off of this is abnormally high exposure, which makes it lose some points versus a phone like the Google pixel 2 but the Xiaomi Mi A2 does have a lot going for it including front-facing flash and convincing portrait mode using that single lens. the camera overall gets the big thumbs-up.

Camera Samples

Battery Life

The other thing is the battery which is very mid-range. you’ve got 3000mAh of capacity and 10 watts charging so you’re looking at about a two hour charge time that’ll get you about five and a half hours of pretty heavy screen on time. It’s solid, the battery life is good enough that you won’t be worried about it but at the same time not good enough that you’ll be impressed or surprised by it.

Look and Feel

The curve is palm fluttering as it does create a very real table wobble situation. the speaker on the bottom handles voice is pretty well but it is a little lacking in bass. It’s clear though now as a smartphone that barely hits the 20k Rupees mark, it’s not like there are no compromises. you don’t get wireless charging, IP certification, a headphone jack and the base model will only get you 32 gigabytes of storage with no SD card. the fingerprint scanner is great but there is a noticeable delay between the detection of your print and the screen actually turning on. There are also a couple of primary aspects of the phone that you would not really love.


So here’s the verdict, two of our biggest complaints with the phone are still areas that it is average in for the price and it’s only because the camera and the performance are so good that these seem like flaws in comparison. compared to a flagship phone, you’ll miss the little things like the lack of storage, lack of water resistance but the fundamentals on Xiaomi Mi A2 are surprisingly close.


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