In this post we are sharing first look at the Xiaomi mi A1 and this is a collaboration between Xiaomi and Google, We are really excited to say that this does not run on MIUI but it runs on pure Android and This phone is made here in India and regarding the specs it has the dual camera setup and one is a wide one and another one has a telephoto lens like the iPhone 7 Plus or the OnePlus 5 and again as you can see I’m really excited about this pure Android and they said that this will be getting Android updates and even Android  O very  soon runs on the snapdragon 625 chipset  and it’s having an 5.5 screen, It is cost around Rs.14999 which is very competitively priced in India and and as you can see this is going to be sold in only one variant that comes with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage, We have the gold colour variant but it will also be sold in this black colour and later on maybe it will come in this rose gold colour.

Xiaomi Mi A1 Android One Smartphone Unboxing & Overview

Unboxing & Overview-

In the box, you will get the device itself and its look White on the front and Gold at back, You will get USB to USB type C cable that’s a good, you will also get sim ejector tool and 5 volts at 2 amps Mobie Chager so technically its not a fast charger but the Snapdragon chipset does support fast charging so We will definitely test it with a fast charger that I have and see if it supports fast charging and you will also get some paperwork and stuff so that’s it, that’s the things that we get in the box we don’t get any Ear-phones with the same and again that gives you basic information about the device. You will need to take out this protective cover that this Phone’s have so it’s having a 5.5″ screen and from the back actually it resembles the OnePlus 5 or even you could say the iPhone 7 plus not exactly but yeah it has that certain looks like that.Xiaomi Mi A1 Android One Smartphone Unboxing & Overview

Physical Overview –

On the top U will get IR blaster and secondary noise cancellation microphone so I like the fact that still Xiaomi is retaining that IR blaster so you can control devices like televisions etc. With that use it as a remote power volume rocker and again this back is metal as you can see some metallic body they are giving on the bottom we have the speakers and USB type and also we get a headphone jack thankfully and in the Specs Xiaomi was saying that they have a dedicated amplifier for the headphone jack so We will definitely be testing that and In the Sim tray it’s a dual SIM guide and a hybrid solution so as you can see you can put two nano  Sims or one nano SIM and a micro  SD card with this one thankfully this comes with 64 GB of internal storage.

Xiaomi Mi A1 Android One Smartphone Unboxing & Overview

After turning on the Phone, The Phone gives you haptic feedback,This Xiaomi A1 is powered by the Snapdragon 625 chipset which is an Octacore processor it has  the Adreno 506  GPU it has a 5.5″ screen with 4GB of RAM & 64GB of internal storage moving to the camera it has a dual 12 megapixel rear facing camera one is wide and the other is a telephoto the widest at 26 mm and the telephoto is at 50 mm it also has the portrait mode moving to the front facing camera it has a 5 Megapixel shooter it also has a dedicated headphone jack fingerprint scanner USB type C port and moving to the battery it has a 3080mAh battery. After finished setting up, this device downloading some updates so that’s the beauty by Google so you will be getting all the Android updates and security updates directly from Google and Though it has stock Android you’re getting so Google Apps & no much bloatware is present in this device, the launcher is very similar to what we have caught with the pixels and It contains MI store and I believe the camera app is being customized by Xiaomi because of this 2x zoom lens but apart from that MI store and the camera app it is almost stock Android interface that we are getting with this device, About Android version its has the latest 6.0(Marshmellow) and Out of the box and Xiaomi was telling that this one will be getting the android O update in the next couple of months itself so you don’t  have to worry about that let’s look at the storage how much do we get out of that so out of that 64GB and about 8.33GB use so you roughly get about the 55GB of space that is available to you so that’s regarding that and We have three physical buttons & at the bottom there is a home button, this is for the multitasking and this is backlit as they glow when you touch it also has the Google assistant out of the box I didn’t add my Google account but if you do that you will also get the Google assistant so that’s what we get.


Another thing about this device is dual Cameras set up, One is a wide one and the second one is a telephoto, This is having Xiaomi interface so it also has that portrait mode. In camera interface you get option like time-lapse and slow motion as far as video quality concerned, It can record video in 4k by default it is set at HD guys so we just make sure you put it out full HD or 4k, Its again it’s too early to judge the camera We will be testing this camera a lot more so stay tuned for that, We took some sample shots in outdoor lighting conditions, When more light is there, this camera produces some very good pictures and even in terms of colour accuracy it is very accurate but in artificial lighting conditions I feel the camera is struggling a little bit.

Fingerprint Test-

Let’s also test its fingerprint scanner, the fingerprint scanner seems to be responsive on this device it’s taking a split second to unlock but looks like the accuracy is actually really good another thing that We noticed is that it also has me remote app so using this you can control devices like it can act like a remote control so you can control like television air conditioners etc. you can add remote the camera app apart from that it’s almost stock Android experience that we are getting with this one so guys that’s it for now for this unboxing and first look.

Let me tell what do you think about the Xiaomi me alone do share your thoughts in comment section below and if you have any other specific questions around this device, post your questions in comment section below and I’ll try to include them in my review


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