A lot people could heard about Hyper Threading, Its make your Dual Core CPU to Quad Core & Quad Core to Octa Core, Really?? Lets find out-

Intel is the leading company who manufactures chipsets from a very long time, Intel is the first manufacturer who developed this technology and this company is using this technology from a long back .Nowadays you can also see this technology used in AMD & Other companies.

What is this Actually ? How it works ? –

Its not a true that your CPU cores gets doubled if your processor can support this technology because your physical core is remains same (Depends on processors).

Hyper Threading is a marketing name which is given by Intel for that technology.

What Hyper Threading do? –

Its just allows your core to perform efficiently. when you are playing some games or do some work this work will get converted into processes & that processes contain a lot of threads . Thread is a smallest set of instruction that will executed in single core at one time (1 thread 1 time).

Sometimes your Data didn’t reach for a particular time to the CPU, So your Computer speed gets lowered due to that. So if your processor does support Hyper Treading, it allows to execute 2 threads per time so if the data of 1 thread is didn’t reach to CPU it can able perform 2nd thread in that time period So due to that your Computer can perform work without wasting of time.

Its also depends on Operating Systems & Applications, If O.S or Application doesn’t support Hyper Threading there is no use of that Technology.

Dual Core with Hyper threading Support OR Quad Core Which Processor will Perform Faster? –

Obviously the Quad Core will perform faster because it has 4 logical cores which allows them to execute 4 threads on same time . Dual core with HT Support will also execute 4 threads but the threads gets processed by only 2 logical core So Quad Core processor will be faster.

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