All of you guys might already having WhatsApp with your real number, But some times you have wish to chat with someone without revealing your real number, So this post will help you to do that.


How to use WhatsApp without revealing your Real Number –

  • Go to play store & install Parallel Space & Primo Apps.
  • Make another WhatsApp account Parallel Space App.
  • Open up Primo App & Sign up to Primo account.
  • Add your real phone no. & Email Address to Primo App So you will get rewards (Also useful to get another phone no. So don’t skip this step).
  • Now click on add number, You will get secondary mobile no.

  • Make new WhatsApp account using that number (You will get WhatsApp verification number in Primo App).

  • Now you can message any person without reavealing your real number.

Ex –

If you have any queries regarding that, Let me know in the comment section below –


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