LG V30 Plus is company’s flagship smartphone for the year 2017. The only difference between LG V30 and LG V30 plus is the larger storage capacity. the LG V30 comes with 64 gigs of storage and V30 Plus comes with 128 gigs of storage capacity. Its quite an interesting phone for this year, so we are sharing top 7 reasons to buy the LG V30 Plus smartphone.

Top 7 Reasons to Buy the LG V30 Plus

Top 7 reasons to buy the LG V30 Plus

Build Quality

LG had some great looking phones in the past but the V30 plus looks elegant. The V30 plus is a loving crafted glass sandwich. It is protected by Gorilla glass 3 from front and back with a metal rim holding around together. The reflective glass catches the eyes and it looks good. LG manage to get all of these without major sacrifices. The V30 measures less than 160 grams, it just 74.4 mm wide and also support fast wireless charging. LG V30 Plus is water and dust resistant. It is military standard drop tested so if you dropped it accidently it may survive and LG is also offering 6 months’ screen replacement.


Unlike LG G6 which came with 2016 flagship chipset in 2017, The LG V30 have current generation snapdragon 835 chipset like all other flagship out there. It has 128 gigs of storage that’s why its called V30 Plus. 4 gigs of RAM manage to do all kind of multitasking. Its not as good as the OnePlus 5 but you will not notice much performance difference.

Audio Dac

Talking about build and specs, LG kept the 3.5mm headphone jack which is rarely seen in smartphones these days. They have also got 32 bit dac in this smartphone to get amplified output through headphone jack. This might be interesting feature for headphones lovers. you can actually turn on or off this feature as per your need.


The V30 plus has dual camera setup. The primary camera has 16MP sensor with f1.6 aperature and secondary camera has 13MP sensor with f1.9 aperture. The secondary camera uses a 120-degree wide angle lens but still we get lesser fish eye effect so its quite good and image quality is excellent. The video quality is also good in LG V30 Plus smartphone, Its also has OIS for video stabilization.


This phone has lot of software capabilities, With camera you can do things which you may not do with other devices, with this you can zoom at any point of the video and bring object that you want to focus in the middle. You can actually lock the footage and post this lets camera shoot flat video with lot of detail. You can add luts which is provided in camera interface while taking photos and stuff. The LG V30 Plus is very responsive due to its interface. Apps opens very quick and everything is snappy. You can also customize the theme as per your need.


First time since the LG G flex 2 LG using the POLED panel. This is 6 inch 18:9 ratio POLED panel with Quad HD resolution having pixel density of about 540 pixels per inch. The colors are punchy, blacks are deep and the viewing angle is also good.


In the past LG would have price this phone around 60k Rs with some cashback but at the end of the market it price around 50k. After 3 months, it may drop down around 36k because LG do this very often. LG set high price at initial level but its drop down after certain period that’s what happen every year, but the early buys get screwed up due to this. At around 45k Rupees its looks to be a great deal.

These are top 7 reasons to buy the LG V30 Plus so what do you think about this guys, let me know in the comment section below.


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