While Buying the Smartphone most of the users figure out which processor that mobile have & How much ram you get with that smartphone ignoring the sensors of the smartphone, but sensors is also the most important part of mobile because the functionality of smartphone depends upon which sensors that smartphone have, So this post will help you about that.

The most of the High End Smartphone have most of the sensors but in the mid-range Smartphones especially the company like Samsung skip the lot of sensors .

Types of Sensors –

  • Proximatory Sensor –

This is the basic sensory that found in most of the basic Smartphones, This sensor is found near the calling speaker, Whenever the object come near the earpiece it blackout the screen so you will not touch the screen, It is useful while making the Call.

  • Ambient Light Sensor –

It measures the light fall on the screen & based on that it changes the intensity of brightness of the screen, For Ex- when your mobile is in low lighting conditions, its reduces your screen brightness & When your mobile is in direct sunlight, its increase the brightness of screen so that you can easily see the display .


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