Sennheiser 4.40 BT is mid level headphones and the price of these headphones is around Rs.10000, so in this post, we are sharing our experience that we got by using this headphone.

Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT Wireless Headphones Review

In-Box Contents

Alright so just like always we’re going to start with accessories you have your micro USB cable data for charging, these get up to 25 hours battery life which is amazing on a wireless Bluetooth pair a headphone and then you get your three-and-a-half millimeter wired cable. now again these are bluetooth so we don’t know how often you’re going to use these but on one end you get the three-and-a-half millimetre angled plug and then you get the kind of proprietary two and a half millimetre maybe one and a half millimeter plug that goes into the headphones again just like the other Sennheiser’s you have the twist and lock system this is again so that if you pull on them they’re not going to come out they have a good fit but you do have the ability to use these wired if you want as far as a carrying pouch well that’s all it is is a carrying pouch just enough to keep scratches off these do fold down and fit into them they’re extremely portable this is not going to protect it from like damage or anything that’s going to hit it hard but it will make it where you can throw it in your bag and you’re not worried about stuff scratching.

Build Quality and Design

This is exciting okay because it’s amazing especially when you try so many headphones that you find one and you think this is it like this is the pair of headphones that you want to use every day we’re going to start with the build and the design, the build of these very very light wait very plastic all over you do have plastic even in strip, build is the only thing and we understand why they do it would be the concern and it’s honestly just to keep it lightweight there’s nothing here that makes you think these are going to break I feel extremely confident about these you can bend them if you have a Fathead if you happen to twist them when you’re throwing them in you’re going to be okay, the one thing we don’t like and we are going to go ahead and point this out is the material on the ear cups are it’s kind of a matte finish it picks up fingerprints and again that’s just nitpicking if you want to find anything wrong with these we are going to say that to it as far as branding goes very minimal on the headband right up top you see Sennheiser just kind of on the corner you see the Sennheiser logos right where the hinge is fold and again.
they do fold they go down to like a very pretty compact size you can fit in the bag easily your left and right or marked on the inside part on your left side none of your controls none of your buttons or anything are over here but this is where you have NFC pairing so if you have a device that has NFC you just simply tap it to your left ear cup and you’re good to go on the headband again there’s like a rubber silicon type material padding and these are so lightweight that padding is just not really necessary but speaking of padic the ear cups the cushions that are on these the memory foam this is ridiculous, this is so deep your ears can just basically dive in the cushion on these are so soft, if you pushed these down and this will come back up, they really are one of the softest pair of headphones we are ever felt, now this is kind of a pleather issue material that you find on most headphones but again would be lightweight and with the way that these feel you put them on and you pretty much forget that you have headphones on now they do an amazing amazing job at cancelling out know they have the 4.50 model that has the noise canceling built-in but to be honest, we honestly cannot see why you would want to me why you would want to pay the price difference when these cancel so much noise on their own and also on top of that these really don’t leak sound at all even at extremely high volume. alright so now we’re going to look at the right side of ear cuff that is where all of your controls are on the bottom you’ll see where you have your headphone jack plug in your micro USB plug in that’s where you charge it, you have right here is your volume up and down controller and it’s a little rocker and then above that you have a little slider now the slider is what allows you to skip the track forward skip the track backwards you also press that button in to play and pause it’s also your button to be able to take calls as well and above that is where you have your power button and again when you have these on all of your buttons are sitting behind the ear cup, now what that does is keep you from having these annoying buttons up front even the lights on the back so if you want if you listen to them at night it’s flashing back behind you it’s not going to be something that’s annoying so we think overall they just did an amazing job at really thinking of all the details and keeping this like very very user friendly.

Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT Wireless Headphones Review

Sound Quality

We’re going to jump into sound because that’s the exciting part on, if we had to explain anything now the Bluetooth mode and the wired mode, the sound will exactly the same for you, now that’s so exciting because the 4.3 blew us away in Wired mode and that’s even with using it on our phone so to be able to use these Bluetooth and get bass that is so so punchy and so amazingly insane, it’s really just hard to explain, now is it the crusher Wireless you know rattle your head no is it close it’s pretty close but the beauty of these and what makes you stand out above all other Bluetooth headphones that We have tried out you get this insane punchy bass but the mids and the trebles are amazing especially the treble the treble hits right below being too high now what that does is this taking you with bass that’s up here and balancing it with treble that’s up here, so you’re feeling the punching sound but everything is coming through wood clarity that they never sound muddy, they do have a overall warm sound signature but the treble is so bright that it just has this perfect blend, mids are definitely present they have vocals come through very clear everything is extremely forward everything is in your face now as far as sound signature goes that’s our preference we love that when you turn them on and you’re able to feel everything, we don’t necessarily always like just blend perfectly just blah we like excitement in my music and these just they fit the bill these are perfect for you, if you were to walk into a store and they said,” ok we want you to give us the exact sound signature that you want and we’re going to put it in a pair of headphones and we’re going to put them in this pretty little package we’re going to give it to you what would you want ?” sennheiser somehow found a way to give you bluetooth, give you 25 hours of battery life, give you insane bass with extreme clarity.


honestly that we are going to say it right now if anybody wants to ask us which headphones that “I prefer anything under Rs.10000 or anything under 150 dollars this is it we are going to send you, if we had to find cons because people think that we have to find cons now just to be able to do a review we are going to give you- this it is a fingerprint magnet and it just feels like maybe some metal should have been in there but again we understand why they didn’t do that, they did that for weight purposes so it’s a plastic bill it is a fingerprint magnet that’s really the only cons we can give you about this headphone these also have the aptX codec so that you’re getting the best Bluetooth sound that you can get there is zero lag and it just sounds great it sounds like you are wiring this into an amp because it is amplified, this has an amazing amplified sound that might not be what some of you are looking for.

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