Ram is an important factor in smartphones it helps us to boost phone’s multitasking limit, it is random access memory which stores app memory for a certain period. It is also used to increase phones speed but after certain limit it is of no use. so we really need much ram android? The speed of ram is depends type of ram i.e DDR3, DDR4 (Used in laptop, PC), LPDDR3, LPDD4 (Used in Smartphones). The difference Between LPDDR and DDR is –

Mobile DDR ( known as mDDR, Low Power DDR, or LPDDR) is type of double data rate synchronous DRAM for mobile smart phones and Tablet PC application. In LPDDR the supply voltage is reduced from 2.5 to 1.8 V. Additional savings come from temperature-compensated. Additionally, chips are smaller, using less board space than their non-mobile equivalents. Samsung and Micron are two of the main providers of this technology, which is used in tablet, smartphones.

Really need much ram android

Do we really need 8GB of Ram for Smartphones ?

Actually we don’t need that much amount of ram because no one do this kind of extreme multitasking work, We only require 8GB or 6GB of ram for smartphone if we want to stored high end games in background, There are a lot videos on YouTube about speed comparisons between OnePlus 5 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ & OnePlus 5 is always win the speed test, some people think that it is due to greater amount ram but the actual reason behind this is Oxygen OS. Oxygen OS is one of the best OS in smartphones, it gives you pure android experience with a lot of customization. It is better than pure android that’s why OnePlus 5 wins the speed test. RAM plays a role in almost everything you do on your Smartphone or Computer. Even though you don’t interact with your system’s RAM directly, it’s working behind the scenes to speed up file access and provide temporary storage, so i don’t think really need much ram android.

Function of RAM (Really need much ram android ??)

A computer’s or Mobile’s Random Access Memory stores data for short-term use. RAM works in conjunction with the hard drive, which takes care of long-term storage, to provide quick access to files that the computer is actively reading or writing Unlike hard drive memory, It is due to its writing and reading speed. Read and Write speed is much higher in RAM, however, program data stored in RAM is erased when you reboot the computer or when another program needs the space for its own use.

RAM Size

If RAM works so much faster than the hard drive, why not load all of the computer’s data into RAM? The reason  behind this is computers have far less RAM than drive space. As of publication, hard drive sizes range from a few hundred gigabytes in laptops to 10TB in high-end enterprise systems. Most home computers have between 1 and 4TB of drive space. On the other hand, most computers only have between 4 and 8GB of RAM, and even the enterprise edition of Windows 8 has a hard limit of 512GB of RAM.

How to Check Your System’s RAM

To see how much RAM you have in Smartphones, Go to Settings>Running Apps & then click on Running (Click More Details if you don’t see any tabs.) In the Memory section, you’ll see how much RAM your system is currently using and its total RAM.

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