Vivo Nex S is a unique and futuristic smartphone which is currently available for the sale but Vivo doesn’t mention whether it uses Corning Gorilla Glass on its phones. But given that the Vivo NEX S only started scratching at a level 6(According to JerryRigEverything’s Video), it is at least some form of tempered glass. The back is also glass, of course, as are the camera lenses. So other than the metal edges, the unique phone will be safe from razor blades.

In the Vivo Nex S, Even after removing the back glass Panel the mechanism of the camera still hidden under the metal plate, The glass panel is covered with a thin layer of paint. you can easily pull off the paint using your hands. After pulling out the metal plate which is present above the camera you can easily see the mechanism behind the pop-up camera. The motor on the right twist the screw which raises and lowers the camera, the camera receives communication through the motherboard. The large spring the used to absorb the bumps so that the camera does not pull off.

The mechanical look of Vivo Nex S looks pretty awesome and you can see the mechanical part of the camera flexing in and out of this phone, let us know what do you think about Vivo Nex S clear back edition.


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