A lot of people had a question at the time of buying printer that “Which one should i buy? Lase or Inkjet ?”. So this article help you to buy your printer which you actually want because it depends as per your need.

How inkjet printer works ?

For inkjet printer, you can see a printer having tank & tubes, ideally there are four colour tanks present near the inkjet printer, they use four colours to print the colour documents. (The ink is in liquid format)

This printer contain a nosel through which the colours are spread into the paper. This printer slightly heats the ink due to which the ink gets vapourised and ink come out due to pressure difference to the paper


  • Initial Cost is very less.
  • You can print colour photos .
  • This printer allows you to print on different material like – Normal Paper, Photo Paper, Sticker.


  • Reffiles is very costly .
  • You have to use it continuosly Otherwise its gets dry or nosel gets blocked.
  • Printing Speed is low as compared to Laser Printers.

How laser printer works?

In the laser printer, the ink we used is not in Liquid format, It contains a toner which is in dry powder format, In this printer Cylindrical drum is present which contain a laser beam that pulses the beam in the print region, When its gets contact with the toner it stuck to that toner due to static charge, The ink gets heated so that the ink get attach to the Paper.


  • Printing speed is fast.
  • Ink lasts for long time.
  • Better text print.


  • Initial cost is more.
  • takes time to warm up (At starting).
  • Size is more.

Which one you buy?

If you want to buy printer for himself to print 10-12 pages per week or you want to print colours photos then go for inkjet printer, but if you have to use printer for business purpose or you want to print thousands of pages then laser printer will be good choice for you.

If you have any queries about this, Let me know in comment section below.


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