Nowadays a lot of good graphics games are available for Windows PC platform, everybody like to play those games in their mobile but due to some limitations they can’t able to play them. But here we have another way to play those games to our mobile. So lets check this out .

Their is a certain app called Remotr available in Play Store by using this we can actually play PC games in mobile, we can also screencast our PC to mobile or smart TV by using this App.

Procedure to stream PC games –

  • Download & Install the App called “Remotr” from the play store/iOS store
  • Install Remotr Streamer on Your PC / MAC (Link –
  • Sign up to the Remotr account
  • Add your games to Remotr PC app
  • Go to Mobile app & Sign in with same ID
  • You will get your streamer PC or Add it manually
  • Now click on your device
  • Select the game which you want to play

Note -This requires internet connection

Tip– It will be better if you connect internet to PC by using mobile’s hostpot this will take less data because it uses local data to stream your Games. Internet is only require to start the game.

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