• Sometimes you need to open websites for a specific country because that website is banned in your country and still you want to access those websites for your need
  • By using these methods you can also open websites like- Youtube.com, Netflix.com because these websites acts different for different countries

Here are the Top 5 ways to Open Websites for Specific Country-

  • Using Proxy Websites-

How it Works

Proxy website becomes a moderator between the user and server site & it hide the blocked sites from ISPs so you can access blocked website

There are a lot of proxy websites available on the net, Here are the examples-

  1. https://www.hidemyass.com/
  2. http://www.spysurfing.com/

You can also get much proxy websites by searching on Google.

  • Using IP address instead of URL-

Sometimes blocked websites are stored using list of its URLs so in this case you can use its IP address to open the websites which you want

How to get IP address for specific websites-

Use have to ping that website in Command Prompt-

Run CMD in your PC then type “ping www.sitename.com”  and press enter.

  • Using VPN-

Download the app called “snap VPN” in your android device & then select the server other than restricted country, by using this method you can able to access your favorite website





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