Fortnite is taking the world by storm but it didn’t happen overnight. the game was locked away in development for almost seven years after it was announced back in 2011. the developer Epic Games was working on a brand new game engine called Unreal Engine 4 in order to build a game to rival Minecraft. Fortnite began from Epic Games following the publishing of Gears of War 3 around 2011. Though it was not initially one of the developed titles during the jam, the concept of merging the construction game genre, representing games like Minecraft leading to the foundation of Fortnite.

Fortnite Battle Royale's Backstory

There are plenty of unforeseen difficulties associated with building a brand new game engine. especially if you want it to rival one of the world’s most popular games and that along with epics desire to make Fortnite feel like a living organism with constant updates and additions slowed down its development in a big way.

The Story of Fortnite

Battle Royale games were taking the gaming world by storm but they began mostly as minecraft mods that were stylized round pop-culture storylines like The Hunger Games by fans of both genres. the format is simple contestants are all trapped in a remote location and must fight one another by any means necessary until only one winner is left standing. It was crisp colorful and combined the building assets of Minecraft with a shooter like Halo or Gears of War just like epic wanted. what was taking off though was a different game format. Guns 4×4 structures and zombies it had it all but the game were less stripped on its way out of tomato town. The players just couldn’t get enough of battle royale.

First Non-mod battle royale game that had significant success was H1Z1. H1Z1 was the first battle royale brainchild from the Greene who is an Irish photographer and web designer and later he turned battle royale developer. He would then go on to create his own project player unknowns battlegrounds but before that he had been working on mods. The Bluehole contacted him from Korea and said we love what you don’t want about royale game, we’d like you to lead a team and make your own battle royale and PUBG was born at.

It’s Connection with PUBG

PUPG launched in during March of 2017 but in that time the game was in an early access. it’s hard to overstate just how groundbreaking it was. The game developer Bluehole utilized epics Unreal Engine 4 in order to ensure the game could handle the studio’s new 100 person bloodbath. PUBG averaged over a hundred thousand viewers at a time in August and September of 2017 and even attracted eSports attention from the likes of ESL. It is the same engine being used to build Fortnite.

The Initial Concept of Fortnite and Difficulties faced by Developers

The Fortnite initial concept was simple, you were going to get to build structures just like in Minecraft but in Fortnite you’d be building a base to stave off monsters called husks at night and survive the storm for two in-game weeks. it was going to be everything that was popular in 2011 squished together and blasted onto your television screen from your console. By 2014, epic had a prototype version of the game ready for release. the vision that epic had for this player versus environment iteration of the game is pretty similar to the save the world version we see now. The Unreal Engine 4 was slowly being refined but was held back to further smooth out the gameplay. By June 2017, Fortnite was finally ready for the public but the hype had died down significantly since its initial announcement six years ago.

Battle Royale was in and with 8 million copies sold that August and 10 million that September people couldn’t get enough of it. After an eternity and development, Fortnite made its debut in the summer of 2017 while the PUBG and all eyes on it. On September 26 2017, Epic Games made a move to keep up with PUBG, they simply put the world’s biggest game into their game. they added a battle royale mode of their own. PUBG may have been the first battle royale game to take off but when Epic Games dropped Fortnite’s battle royale mode, it became clear that the genre had yet to hit its ceiling. Its battle royale mode was free to play while PUBG cost $30 and unlike PUBG Fortnite offered an reverent playful style that appealed to gamers of all ages.

Battle Royale is inspired by an undoubtedly Gruesome but for networks which is hard to just oppose the grim fate of that island with the kind of bouncy bubbly and bombastic gameplay you’d expect from a Disney Pixar movie. after all what could be more fun than wearing your bunny costume into battle. according to epic games, Fortnite broke PUBG’s concurrent players’ record in February 2018 hitting 3.4 million concurrence.

Fortnite Records

The Battle Royale bubble has burst and Fortnite has been crowned master of the genre. The game has quite literally become a cultural phenomenon. so needless to say the relationship between Epic Games and PUBG developers Bluehole has become a little awkward since epic has now taken their Unreal Engine and built their own battle royale game around it. between April 22nd and May 22nd of 2018, twich viewers watched 139,333,216 hours of Fortnite. On May 29th, PUBG filed a copyright violation lawsuit asking the court to decide whether Fortnite was a copy of PUBG but despite this looming lawsuit Fortnite continues to leap into the mainstream like the game just ate a hot rock.

In game what’s most different about Fortnite is its pace. it’s a game obviously number one optimized and that is why its popularity is increasing day by day. when you die you can get back in the queue within seconds and be right back in the action. it offers normal gunfights, building fights that turn into editing fights, in jet pack fights among others. the only thing more limitless than the fun is the capacity for the skillful game player. After it’s battle royale mode was released, it took Fortnite just three short months to show comparable average twitch viewership numbers to PUBG. by February, it had completely eclipsed tits predecessor with an average of 97,904 viewers to PUBG’s 64,654.

Twitch Records

Fortnite is free-to-play and accessible across consoles PCs and iOS mobile devices. The ninja broke the twitch viewership record with more 636,044 concurrent viewers. just a few weeks later, late in Apri,l he broke his own record with Ninja Vegas. the event peaked at around 680,000 concurrents. after these two massive streaming splashes, ninja stream hook over the twitch world as of May 23rd 2018, the ninja was averaging more than 125,000 viewers every day while he streamed. he finished April more popular on social media and the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Shaquille O’Neal. As of Now, Fortnite has taken over twitch then the game is averaging more than 178,000 viewers at any given time. so what was the breaking point? well, it came in the form of a 26 year old former Halo Pro turned streame. on March 15th, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins massacred the twitch individual streaming record when he played a Fortnite’s quads match with rappers Drake and Travis Scott and Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver juju Smith Schuester. as soon as the boy doneness touched down on Fortnite Island, the barrier to entry to video games of the streaming fell and Fortnite became a household name. it’s not like gaming wasn’t big before but in that moment Fortnite became mainstream in a way that few games have.

What’s the Next Step for Fortnite?

on May 21st, epic announced that they would be putting up 100 million dollars towards Fortnite sports between 2018 and 2019. since then during the Fortnite pro-am at e3, epic also announced where that money would be going the Fortnite World Cup. this event will spread that 100 million dollars over a number of different online and land qualifying events all over the world. this will all culminate in the World Cups for which details have not yet been announced. before for tonight even has a competitive game mode, they’re willing to come out and say Fortnite is here the stand. just a day later, epic announced Fortnite’s involvement in e3 where they hosted a three million dollar charity pro-am at the gaming showcase featuring the likes of ninja, myth, marshmallow and NBA star Paul George. ninja and marshmallow were crowned champions at the Fortnite pro-am and as he raised his golden pickaxe with a peak viewership of 1.5 Million watching online. ninjas stranglehold as the king of Fortnite tightened. so Fortnite has built itself into this towering structure of commercial success and absolute fan obsession. there are enemies on all sides competing games and critics armed with bougie bombs and pump shotguns. there are aiming game references showing up all over popular culture. your parents know what Fortnite is, your teacher spends their night chasing victory Royales and your social media feeds are flooded with highlights memes and Fortnite players busting a move. it wasn’t that long ago that we thought PUBG was the next big thing that the rest of our gaming lives would be spent on that post-apocalyptic wasteland. will Fortnite become the understudy just as quickly? or are we bound to that Island? building ramps up to the sky, riding rockets to get that jaw-dropping hill and in leaping off that launch pad to avoid the storm and fly into Fortnite’s limitless future.

The next step for Fortnite been eSports. previous games that have splashed into relevancy have tried to strengthen their foothold on the gaming community by branching their programming into competitive events. major eSports organizations like Team Solomid and FaZe Clan have already made big commitments by signing players and building Fortnite teams in a reaction to the game’s massive popularity. In theory, this incentivizes players to log hours and compete to make a career out of the game. Fortnite is a little different, the games aren’t the long team focus logs that you’ll find in League of Legends or Dota 2. they’re snappy and quick and it’s not like you can hold a camera over the top of the entire island. not to mention the logistical issues associated with putting a hundred rates and professionals in a room together. Fortnite and epic games are making a run at making eSports a possibility.


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