There are a lot of rumors going on on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp that the speed of internet in NASA science center is 91GB/s So today we will explain you the reality behind this.

Actual Fact-

At the end of year 2013, NASA did one experiment in this experiment NASA transfer data at the speed of 91Gbps, Actually its a network called as ESN (Energy Science Network). NASA use this network to make joint network between different research center to transfer some big data & for communication purpose.

So its a chain between different Science Center its not actual internet that we use in our daily life

The Reality –

Even if you have a network of speed 50Mbps, You cannot browse all websites at the speed of 50Mbps because some websites has very low bandwidth speed (Depends on their host) So even if you had a very fast network you cannot browse all websites at that speed .

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