The most of the bloggers and web developers nowadays use wordpress to create their websites, because it is very easy to build website with wordpress. But after that many of the users facing problems like slow site load time or webpages which have high memory load very slowly this could be due to their hosting or complecated theme design, to prevent this AMP perform major role to open your site faster so today we are sharing you way to Enable AMP Pages WordPress Site Just One Click, You just need to add amp wordpress plugin for that. 

Enable AMP Pages WordPress Site Just One Click

What is AMP?-

AMP is accelerated mobile pages which load your faster (sometimes it loads less than 1 second), it is an open source initiative aiming to make the web better for all,This project enables the creation of websites and ads that are consistently fast, beautiful and high-performing across devices and distribution platforms.

Advantages of AMP pages –

  • AMP page loads faster than your normal page.
  • its reduce stress on your server.
  • The possibility getting your post in Google search is more if your site is AMP enable.

How to Enable AMP Pages in WordPress Site in Just One Click-

  1. Go to your wordpress panel.
  2. Then go to plugin>add new plugin.
  3. Search for AMP plugin which made by Automattic
  4. Download and Install that plugin.
  5. Now your website is AMP  enable.
  6. Check your whether AMP is working fine for your website or not.
  7. just add /AMP to see AMP page, For Ex- Suppose your normal page link of website is then your AMP link should be
  8. Done.

Enable AMP Pages WordPress Site Just One Click

To check errors in AMP pages just go to this tool will check if your AMP page is valid or not.

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