A dozen customers had complained on DJI forums about their new Spark drones mysteriously shutting down and falling from the sky in midflight So DJI gave statement that –

“DJI is aware of a small number of reports involving Spark drones that have lost power mid-flight. Flight safety and product reliability are top priorities. Our engineers are thoroughly reviewing each customer case and working to address this matter urgently. DJI products are tested for thousands of hours, and the overwhelming number of customers enjoy using our products with minimal disruption.”

DJI said in its statement that it will attempt to understand the root cause of the problem and patch it quickly. “We are looking to implement additional safeguards with a firmware update which will be issued soon. When prompted on the DJI GO 4 App, we recommend all customers to connect to the internet and update their aircraft’s firmware to ensure a safe flight when flying their Spark,” the company said.

This issue is worth keeping an eye on. If DJI can find a fix and the complaints don’t continue or grow in scale, then it will likely have little impact on the Spark. If the problems persist or it becomes apparent that a sizable percentage of Spark units are flawed, then DJI will have to take more drastic action.

DJI Spark New Firmware Update, Hope It Will Never Fall Again

So finally DJI will be releasing a new firmware update today to further enhance flight safety and performance of the DJI Spark

This Update Includes Following Enhancements-

  • Support to fully integrate Spark with DJI Goggles.
  • Optimized PalmLaunch Function for better stability after take off.
  • Improved accuracy of controls under the QuickShot Dronie mode.
  • Enhanced the compatibility of the remote controller.

When prompted on the DJI GO 4 App, users with internet connectivity will be able to download the new firmware to update their aircraft’s and battery’s firmware. The aircraft and battery firmware updates can also be done via the DJI Assistant 2 desktop software. If the firmware of either the aircraft or the battery is not updated by September 1, Spark will not be able to take off. DJI decided on the option of a mandatory firmware update in order to maximize flight safety and product reliability which we consider as top priorities.

The update comes after DJI released new features for its Spark in early August to deliver a more powerful combination of video and photo improvements including a new gesture to start and stop video recording and enhanced QuickShot video features for more cinematic control.

Still people are not happy with DJI’s Spark Drone Here are their reactions-

They will do the same for other birds. Its not about safety nor bugs. DJI just do not want f/w modifications and force upgrades for users to make that not possible in future.
DJI GO also pushes through the net an f/w blockade i think, and i also think it could be reflashed, but i am happy i not connected to dji since activation.

They will also refuse warranty when my bird gone by flyaway or fallinggate and i not find it.
I do not care specially of dji warranty. I would like to have a freedom of choice and i do not like when someone is trying to impose something on me. DJI want to impose on me where i can fly and when, and want to brick a devices You bought. Its Your choice and Your business what You want to do with your copter. You paid for it.
Only my government can do this, not DJI.

Unfortunately i need to admit – DJI is making great drones, thats why i bought it. Besides of that i do not like that company because of their agressive and ugly policy.

– by Kyokushin 

They may recall and inform about potential danger, but they have no right to brick already sold device.

-by Thor1 

Though Many of sparks are flying well, some people like to stay on what is stable for them.

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