There are a lot of types of charging technology invented by different companies like Quick Charge, Lightning Charge, Dash Charge etc. But sometimes you notice that even using fast charger the mobile does not charge as it required Why this happened ?Is it a charger fault, Mobile fault or Cable fault –

In the most of the cases, it is your cable fault – Why?

We use fast charger to charge mobile faster, But only fast charger is not required to boost up your charging speed, It also depends on your mobile & the wire that you use. In the cases of Mobiles, your mobile should be support Fast Charging if you use fast charger to charge non-supported mobile that will not gonna work & it is also harmful your mobile because normal mobile phones use only 1 Amps or 1.5 Amps Charger but fast charger use upto 4 Amps current to charge mobile So it will damage your smartphone.

In the cases of wire, Wire is used as charge carriers to pass current from charger to smartphone. But sometimes cheap wires has high resistance, (I=V/R)  This is the normal equation that we all studied, So higher is the resistance lower will current flow, Actually it resist the current drawn from the charger & it waste your electrical energy also, Good wire are slightly thicker than usual wire. If the wire is thick more amount of current can passes through the wire So you should also have to buy good wire, If you want fast charging .

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