Finally after quite a few delays here we have our six best headphones under Rs 1000. Here, Some provide good bass, some have good audio balance, while some deliver natural and loud audio.

1Philips SHL 3060 On-Ear Headphones

The Philips on-ear DJ style monitoring headphones are pretty awesome for a price of Rs 795. They look premium even though they’re made out of plastic, they’re extremely lightweight they come with 32mm drivers. They do have a DJ style setup that means that you can fold them up in case you are wearing them on your neck to monitor your speakers or your audio. If you’re a DJ you are aware of what we are talking about and if you’re not, consider this feature a bonus. They fold up completely flat so if you’re going to be traveling with them they’re really easy to travel with, the cushions are extremely soft and comfortable and even after extended periods of usage they remain comfortable. The headband opens up quite a lot even though it’s made out of plastic it’s extremely flexible the audio profile on these headphones is really flat so you’ll need to tweak up your audio source to get the right kind of output from these headphones. after tweaking them up you can really get heavy bass or heavy mids or more clear treble if you want that sort of audio profile. The Philips DJ headphones don’t come with an inline microphone and if that’s something that you’re looking for go for the Moto Pulse 2. 

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2Moto Pulse 2

Moto Pulse 2 does have an inline microphone. These headphones were launched at 800 rupee price bracket, they feature a larger 36mm driver and you get a lot of sound even though the ear cup size is smaller than the Philips headphones. They are not as comfortable as the Philips headphones are, but these offer a more music oriented profile out of the box so you won’t really need to tweak up your audio profile from your audio source to get the right kind of sound. The sound is considered to be extremely well balanced with the mids lows as well as highs design more or less for music. They’re lightweight they do have an inline microphone and are available in a white and gold or a black color.

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3Sony MDR AS200

If sports is your thing the sony MDR AS200 in ear active sports headphones are going to be our pick for you. for the price of around 664 rupees are extremely well priced active headphones. They come with a sweat resistant and water resistant design and they also have a gold plated 3.5mm jack. The design of the earphone is slightly strange and it slightly cumbersome to put them on your ear but once you get them on your ear they’re extremely comfortable and very lightweight because of the way the earphone is designed it does not fit inside your ear but rather sits on top of your ear canal. You get a very open sound with a very flat audio profile. This also allows you to hear the ambient sounds if somebody honks at you you will get to hear that while running. They come in a bunch of bright colors so you can choose your favorite color according to your preference.

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4Sennheiser CX 180 Street II

This pair of headphones does not need any introduction they possibly the most popular headphones in this price bracket and cost would be around 799 rupees. The Sennheiser CX 180 Street 2 in ear headphones or earphones are possibly the best for this price bracket. Now because they’re in ear earphones they’re an extremely snug fit. They come with three sizes of ear tips- a small medium and large so you can change them out according to the size of your ear. The sound from these earphones is really fantastic you get a really punchy bass and really clear mids, as well as highs you can pump up the volume really high and the earphones, do not distort. They are the most popular earphones for a reason, they come with a really quality robust design and they’ll last you a really long time so the CX 180 street 2 for under 800 rupees possibly the best in-ear earphones.

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The Sennheiser CX 180 Street 2 do not have an inline microphone and if you do want an inline microphone the JBL C100SI offer up almost similar if not better audio profiles but also feature an inline microphone and a push button. They also do come with three sizes of ear tips according to your requirement you can swap these ear tips out from a small medium or large. you do get a 9mm driver and it works with Android as well as iOS devices. The cable is 1.2 meters long and you get a 3.5 mm headphone jack which is goldplated. The audio quality is really superb, the base is punchy as well as mids and highs are extremely clear and loud. you can pump up the volume all the way up and the earphones do not distort and continue to give you a really well balanced audio output. They come designed for music out of the box so you don’t need to tweak up your equalizer alot but you can tweak it around if you prefer a slightly different audio profile.

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Last but not least in our list for all your gaming lovers is the SADES gaming headset. These are headphones with 40mm drivers but they do also come with a mic attached to the left ear cup. These are over the ear type of headphones so they cover up your whole ear, they’re extremely lightweight and really comfortable to wear for extended periods and the audio profile is really fantastic. with the 40mm drivers, you get really loud volumes and the bass is also extremely punchy at higher volumes and does not distort at all. we found the microphone to be a little distant and we couldn’t bring it closer as you can only take it up or down this is one thing we wish they change for a flexible microphone. They do come with a split cable that means your microphone and headphone is separate so if you want to use these headphones for Skype calls or anything on your computer as well you can do that. The cable is also fairly long with a two meter length so you can plug these into your television or gaming console and sit all the way over to your couch without any problem. The headband seems robust and is extremely flexible and should fit any size of the head without any problems and it still continues to feel comfortable, if you do manage to snap them for some reason they do come with a one year warranty but it may not include broken parts. 

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