Apple releases their latest flagship device i.e iPhone 8 so in this post we’re gonna be looking at the key differences between the iPhone 10 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 so straight up why we are comparing the note 8 which is a large device to the iPhone X well these devices are the best offerings from the manufacturers and this comparison will be the best versus the best so here is the Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Comparison.

Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Comparison

Let’s get the size out the way straight away at the note 8, It is a larger device overall it’s almost 19mm taller but what’s interesting is that it’s only around 30.9mm wider that does come down to the curved sides of the note 8 which we’ll be talking about in a little bit and it’s also around a 0.9 millimeters thicker in terms of the weight 21 more grams on the note 8 and all of these reasons are because the note 8 as expected has a larger display 6.3 inches versus 5.8 inches on the iPhone 10, now both devices have minimal bezels which is a great see 2017 is definitely the year of minimal bezels you’ve got large displays without increasing the size of the bodies too much on both devices.

Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Comparison


Both device have OLED technology which means you’re gonna be getting the vibrant colors as well as deep blacks up until now iPhones have been having LED backlit displays which are good but they’re never as good as OLED displays, this time we finally have an OLED display and it’s going to be comparable to the note 8 in terms of resolution however the note 8 does have a high resolution even with that larger display so that’s 2960*1440 and that comes to roughly about 522 PPI the iPhone 10 has a 2436*1125 pixel resolution Apple always do that with some of these random numbers which I do not get and that’s roughly about a 558 pixels per inch density now both of these do have a very high pixel density, the Galaxy Note 8 edging out here slightly so if you do have the device up close and if you’re gonna be using it for things like VR then the Galaxy Note 8 is gonna be a little bit better because of the high pixel density, now the iPhone X does have a 3d touch now that is a pressure-sensitive display so you can press hard anywhere in the display and it’s going to give you more option and things on the Note 8 you only have the home button area which is pressure sensitive and you can press down hard on the iPhone 10 now has a swipe up feature to go home so that’s it change here because there is no longer space for a home button.

Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Comparison



Moving on to the design, they’ve never been so similar we’ve got metal frames with the glass panels on the front and back so both of these very very premium the Galaxy Note 8 however is curved from the front as well as the back and this as we were discussing earlier does give it a large display with a narrow body than you would expect for this screen size,  Both of these devices have water and dust resistance IP68 on the Galaxy Note 8 an IP67 on the Apple iPhone X, it’s great that both of them do have this feature in terms of colors you do have some more color options available on the Galaxy Note 8 compared to that of the iPhone X.


We’ve gone to the internals the Galaxy Note 8 has some of the fastest processes available on the Android side so you’ve got the Snapdragon 835 or the Exynos 8895 depending on your location with 6 GB RAM, The iPhone X has Apple’s brand-new A11Bionic chip now this is supposed to be very very fast and efficient and it also supports augmented reality which should be really good and be interesting to see how Apple implements this going forward but in terms of speed differences and things we are gonna have to do some speed tests side-by-side of both devices to see which one is better, In terms of RAM Apple not show exactly how much around the iPhone X, Moving on to storage, The Galaxy Note 8 comes in three different sizes 64GB, 128GB or 256GB by options you can’t expand that storages well so you do have a micro SD card slot which is definitely nice to have on the iPhone X you’ve got either 64GB or 256GB options, You cannot however expand the storage on at the iPhone X as you’ve never been able to do on iPhones so the Galaxy Note 8 in terms of storage would get the advantage.

Camera Comparison-

Now moving on to the cameras, things are very similar here in terms of the setup we’ve got dual 12 megapixel cameras on both of these which both support optical image stabilization and they also work in a similar way where you’re gonna get a wide-angle camera as well as a telephoto camera which is going to give you two times optical zoom you’ve gone f1.7 aperture vs f1.8 on the iPhone X when it comes to the wide-angle camera but when it comes to the telephoto camera both of these have an f2.4 aperture, both devices also have a feature to blur the background on images it’s called live focus on at the Galaxy Note 8 and on the iPhone X it’s called portrait mode now on the Galaxy Note 8 you can blur the background after the fact, This is something you can’t do on the iPhone at X however the iPhone X does have a portrait lighting feature which is going to be in beta initially and it’s gonna let you adjust the lighting effect of your images looks very promising you will be able to adjust lighting after the fact too, With the note 8 it does take images from both the wide-angle as well as the telephoto camera this is definitely useful so you’ve captured both of those in case you do want to get the wide-angle shot too now obviously we’ll be doing a super soft style camera comparison as soon as the iPhone X is out commercially.

Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Comparison

Now moving on to video this is where things get interesting once again the Galaxy Note 8 takes some great video you’ve got 4k at 30 frames a second you’ve also got slow-motion a 720p at 240 fps now the iPhone X actually looks very impressive with 4k at 60 frames a second & at 1080p video slow-motion at 240 frames a second now this looks very very promising and we can’t wait to test out the iPhone X because of the video features that it has we believe it’s the first smartphone with 4k at 60 frames a second and may be wrong but it’s definitely one of the first and it looks very very promising terms of the front-facing cameras, The Galaxy Note 8 has 8 Megapixel front-facing camera with an f1.7 aperture it has autofocus with a 1440p video recording, the iPhone 10 has a 7 megapixel front-facing camera with an f2.2 aperature and 1080p video recording but it’s got facial recognition so this is gonna allow you to have a portrait mode so it’s gonna blur the background from the front-facing camera as well and you’ll also have the portrait lighting effects too these will be in beta initially that is definite as to see there’s also an emoji which is gonna track your face and represent emojis to that effect so if you’re into that kind of thing then that’s also there, we’ll have to do some detail camera comparisons between these two to see which one of these takes better selfies but both here are very very promising now in terms of the operating systems we’ve got Android version 7.1.1 with Samsung’s experienced skin on top currently on the notes 8 the iPhone 10 is gonna come with iOS 11 out of the box now obviously it’s Android versus iOS a lot of it comes down to personal preference so I’m gonna go into a battle here Android We find is a little bit more flexible and you do have some additional features with the Samsung experience skin as such as a multi window as well as a pair which is gonna allow you to open two apps in multi window with just one touch but iOS I find is a little bit more simple and straightforward for a lot of people and you also get updates quicker from iOS compared to that on Android when it has a skin like the note 8 has, This once again is gonna come down to your personal preference.

Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Comparison


Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Comparison



Now let’s move on to the additional features that both devices have in terms of unlocking the device the note 8 has a fingerprint scanner which is at the back the position is slightly inconvenient and this is something that a lot of people have discussed but you do have an iris scanner and you also have facial unlock so you can point it at your face and that is gonna unlock but it’s not as secure and it can be fooled by a picture some people have also tried this the iPhone X this time around we have no touch ID so this has been removed because of the bezel less display a lot of people were thinking that touch ID is gonna go on the back but this is not the case either we now have face ID which is a form of 3d facial recognition, now what’s funny is that on the actual demo it failed but it does look very very promising in terms of how it’s in the scan your face and it shouldn’t be fooled by a picture how convenient this is gonna be compared to just touching the home button we’ll have to wait and see but this is supposed to be quite a secure form of facial recognition so it should work pretty well from what Apple are telling us.


Now the iPhone X still has stereo speakers as well which is great so one on the earpiece and one at the bottom so you’ve got better sound on here compared to the Galaxy Note 8 which has a single bottom facing speaker you don’t have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the iPhone X however this is something that you do have on the Galaxy Note 8, Now although you will get the dongle on the iPhone X which is gonna go from Lightning to the 3.5 millimeter it can be inconvenient for a lot of people, We are just something to consider on the Galaxy Note 8 as well as the three-point family 2 headphone jack you do get AKG earphones out of the box which do something pretty good.

Siri vs Bixby-

For the personal assistants you’ve got Siri vs Bixby now this would take a bit more of a detailed video in terms of which one of these perform better I’ve been playing around with big speed and it does allow you to take some deep actions which I hope Siri will be getting at a later point.

Other features- 

the Galaxy Note 8 does have the s-pen as well this is a unique feature and not something that you’re gonna find on many of the devices it can be very very useful it’s got features such as off-screen memo which is gonna let you shot down a quick memo on the display even when it is often that’s gonna stay on there because of the always-on display you’ve got live Translate so you can hover over things it’s gonna translate those in real time and it’s also gonna convert currency for you I generally with the s-pen for signing documents and things like that this is gonna be quite useful, you’ve got nothing like this on the iPhone side now moving on to the batteries the note 8 has a 3300 mAh battery.

Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Comparison

It supports fast charging as well as fast wireless charging would the iPhone X we’re not sure of the exact size of the battery as yet Apple have said you’re gonna get 2 more hours of standby time on it compared to the iPhone 7 so it’s difficult to say what the exact side the batteries and how it’s going to impact because of the high resolution display we’ll find out what the exact size is once somebody pops open an iPhone 10 which is not gonna be anytime soon but the new thing on the iPhone X is that it does support wireless charging this is the first on the iPhone side so it’s great to see that we now have wireless charging it also supports fast charging this is something that wasn’t really mentioned on the keynote about something that was briefly highlighted on the notes what we will do is we’ll do some more battery tests and things as soon as we’ve got the commercial version of the iPhone X in hand and we’ll also do some charging speed test to see which one of these charges faster now finally let’s look at the price the note Said’s a lot of people were complaining about the price when it was initially announced so looking at 950$ in the US or 870 pounds here in the UK now this is not gonna seem as bad when we look at the prices of the iPhone X so for the same base model 64GB but we’re looking at roughly about $1000 in the US or even a thousand pounds here in the UK normally in the UK as you can see on the note because of exchange rates the price in the UK is usually slightly less roughly about 10% less and this time around the Apple have decided to keep it the same price as dollars so people in the UK like myself are really being screwed over so this is something that I’m personally quite disappointed about and it is a very very expensive device if you go for the 256GB model you’re gonna be looking at around 1150 dollars or 1,150 pounds so a very very premium but very expensive device here on at the iPhone 10 the note 8 definitely also expensive but it is a little bit cheaper compared to the iPhone 7 in terms of release the note 8 is tripping worldwide from the 15th of September some people have already got it I’ve currently got mine with the iPhone X it’s gonna be available for pre-order from the 27th of October.

it’s gonna be releasing on the 3rd of November so those are the days that you need to put into your Diaries so there we have guys the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs the iPhone tanked person both very very premium devices with a premium price tag what do you guys think of these devices which one would you go for definitely drop me a comment below.



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