The biggest strength of Android is its app ecosystem and 2017 has been a great year for Android apps. It’s the first week of 2018 and we are back with a new set of free and paid Android apps. So here is the list of android’s 10 most exciting apps.

Android’s 10 Most Exciting Apps

1Microsoft Edge Browser

Next up by Microsoft is the “Edge Browser”. Microsoft’s has recently done a bit of a revamp when it comes to how they present themselves on the Android platform and safe to say it’s for the better. It carries a lot of the styling and presentation present on the larger desktop version and even compared to the infamous Chrome browser for Android. In some cases, this felt faster this is due in part to good optimization but also some smart caching of pages. It also supports most of the standard desktop features such as a reading list or bookmarks and a house some gesture features as well specifically for Android. Something you’re only going to get to using one of Microsoft’s own applications is ability to carry on where you left off between the edge browser on your phone and the edge browser on your Windows PC.


The next one is “Launchboard” and it’s a bit of a fusion. Here it is in some ways an app drawer and in some ways a dedicated launcher but what it tries to do is simple it tries to allow you to open your applications much quicker. so, opening launch board presents you with a little keyboard at the bottom of your page and you simply type in the first letter of your application and that’ll show you a small section containing every one of your apps starting with that letter which sounds very simple but that’s almost the beauty of it.

3Pixit Icons Pack

Something that We’ve been really enjoying over the last couple of weeks is the “Pixit Icons pack”, it takes the basic design language from Google’s own pixel icons but then it alters them in quite an interesting and subtle way. The core elements of the icons pop out of the main body of the icon, leaving you with a set of primarily circular icons for uniformity but at the same time with slight alterations to keep it interesting. it’s got just over 5000 icons here which is good. it’s not the best but it does also have a icon request tool and from what I’ve tried they seem to respond pretty quickly.


You might remember that viral photo editing application called Prisma. “Portra” does a very similar thing but in a lot of ways, it’s even better. you simply take a portrait of yourself or upload something from your gallery to the app and from here you can apply a whole series of different water colour effects and these are stock contrast to the original photo. that come out with a very unique aesthetic almost only created by this application so this is one of the Android’s 10 Most Exciting Apps.

5Files Go

It’s not very often that Google releases a new in-house application of its own and it’s always exciting when it does so they’ve recently come out with “Files Go” which is an all-in-one a file management tool. This tool tries to free up space on your smartphone. It’s filled with features that’ll suggest smart ways that you can clear up space everything from giving you notifications for apps you haven’t used in a long period of time. to frankly just clearing out some of the trash the apps will just build up now a pretty subtle feature that Google integrated in this which they didn’t really brag about but they probably should be doing is if either this can send and receive files very quickly to people who have the application can send each other files at a speed of up to 125 Megabits per second without internet.


This one is very different, this is Rave. It allows a group of people to get together form a party and watch videos online together. it creates a chat room where you can communicate about the content which you’re watching making it a little bit more of a social and interactive experience. what we think is cool is, it allows people to vote on which content they wanted to see next and this is not just limited to YouTube videos. This is one of the top 10 android apps 2018. you can link this to a Netflix account, you could binge watch TV shows together, you could watch Google Drive videos that you’ve uploaded yourself perhaps your holiday videos from abroad. this doesn’t feel like a finished application but as a working concept it is a great idea.

7Floating Bar

Inspired by LG’s V30 smartphone, we have the “Floating Bar” now this is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin, you can add a whole suite of different things you want this bar to display such as your recent applications, your most-used or your music that’s currently playing tools, weather and more and when it’s active but not being used it is a pretty good job of hiding away. This is one of the android’s 10 most exciting apps. It is just a translucent bubble that you can just slide into one of the corners of your smartphone and tapping it once will open up the bar in front of any application you’ve got running and tapping anywhere else will close it again.

8S8 Color Burst live wallpaper

Another pretty cool application that we stumbled across over the last few weeks is the “S8 Color Burst live wallpaper”. It interacts with your touch, It shows a whole series of particles kind of favouring the higher-end devices with a little bit more GPU power. It’s very very impressive visually, it would help actually if it was a little bit higher resolution but the effect itself is not something you can replicate with anything else you can fire these particles across your display every time you swing your thumb across. this is also one of the android’s 10 most exciting apps. you can create tornadoes with them and you can even assign different properties to the particles which actually affect intrinsically how they behave adding on top of that to the ability to customise colours as well as the background gives you quite a lot of flexibility here.

9Focus Go

Next up is “Focus Go”, it is an alternative to the default gallery you may have built into your smartphone. It makes quite a lot of sense is a fast high-performance gallery with a couple of high-end features. it allows you to decode pictures in slightly higher quality than you might see on competing galleries. you can organise pictures in any way you want and it has a powerful built-in editor. If you’re the kind of person you just want things to be easy who doesn’t want to have to take photo on their phone only then to transfer it to their laptop, edit the photo take it back to their phone and then to upload to something like Instagram, this kind of does make the job a little bit easier. Most of the basic tools you would find on a desktop editing program are here and they work.

10S8 Edge Mask

The next up is something we should class as interesting and worth seeing as opposed to something we should personally like to use but essentially the “Edge Mask” creates a curved effect to your display it makes it appear as if your display is melting over the sides of your phone well actually you can have a completely flat screen and for most angles it’s a pretty convincing effect the only thing I would say is it kind of falls flat on its face when you run applications horizontally maybe that’ll be fixed in an update.

Thanks a lot for reading guys, This is the list of our Android’s 10 Most Exciting Apps. If you have any queries regarding this post, let me know in the comment section below.


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