Fortnite is the new Battle Royale game from epic games. it’s a sort of an add-on to their original game which is tower defense zombies. This game looks like a cartoony version of PUBG even to the point of upsetting PUBG developers and getting a lot of criticism from them. there are some very obvious similarities between these two games such as loading into a lobby with a hundred other players and run and screw around your deployment vehicle be it a bus or plane. you will deploy out of your bus or plane onto a gigantic map which you marked with your markers and go somewhere to loot, try to outrun the gas fight people using weapons. the map functions the bandages that heal you to 75% the rustic characters. the general feel of the game will all be astonishingly similar to PUBG. There are some things that Fortnite does better than PUBG.

PUBG vs Fortnite

Gun Availability

PUBG vs Fortnite

First thing is about gun availability in Fortnite. In fortnite, when you land and if you’re near anything you’ll find a gun, that gun may not be a great gun but you will find a gun. In PUBG, we all land and we run around to check everything and won’t find a gun and die for no reason. Fortnite is the opposite of that, if you land in a city, you will find a gun in less than 10 seconds. if you want to abandon your post and book it somewhere else you will still find a gun. It doesn’t happen in fortnite and this thing makes the game feel much smoother.

Close Quarters

PUBG vs Fortnite

The close quarters is so much smoother in Fortnite. The close quarters in combat and PUBG is kind of goofy because they made the game so realistic the bullets come out of the end of the barrel of your gun and sometimes that is longer than it would appear to be on your character model much like real life really long-barrelled rifle struggle in close quarters because you’ll turn and click clip objects, the way the camera sits is funny and slightly distortive. Close quarters combat in PUBG is kind of feels like coin flips, a lot of random strange things can happen. Fortnite, however, operates like a game normally would. the bullets from your shotgun come out of your hip at close range instead of technically out of the end of the barrel which is what we’re used to in gaming and what we expect. shotguns work brilliantly, pistols work, SMGs work, rifle works all the sort of close quarters combat hip firing feels much more consistent. it feels more fluid it feels like you got out skilled instead of out luck and it no longer feels like a coin flip when you go to fight people in close quarters and that’s a huge improvement.

Game Optimization

Another big thing is optimization. The PUBG game has made by epic and epic makes the engine for PUBG but the games lag on midrange PCs. the free-to-play model kind of demands that you absolutely have to have a big player base since they’re not you know paying It’s a smaller map the textures are simpler, the characters are simpler, there’s less unique interactions less like fire and crazy visual effects. it’s designed to be played on the console so the base design is simpler but all that being said it’s still smoother and better and more consistent feeling and that’s a fantastic thing. The PUBG is really hurting on right now is optimization both on the game engine and on the lag side of things. Fortnite on the optimization side, it very rarely lags.

Gas Mechanics

PUBG vs Fortnite

Fourth thing is gas mechanics the gas mechanics in this game are superior because the gas adds a visual blur over your characters making it difficult to see enemies at long ranges. It also increases the amount of haze at long ranges thus making it that much more difficult so it’s much harder to have long-range fights in the gas. the gas is also a giant electric dome it’s called a storm but there’s a big dome and it’s bright and it distorts your view of outside the gas so if you’re inside the gas and you’re running to get safe, it’s gonna be very difficult to see people on the other side so it’s very hard to kill people that are already safe. the gas is also way more lethal so you have fewer gas goblins almost nobody’s gonna bother to lieutenant or take shortcuts through it and there’s still a few gas goblins there are still a few people that survive later on and squeak out but overall the gas is way more punishing. In Fortnite, the visual disturbances are too extreme and it kills you too quickly so that’s a big improvement.

Consoles Support

The Fortnite is free to play on PC and all consoles, it’s free to download right now on PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4. you can play Fortnite battle royale for zero dollars. PUBG is not coming to console until it hits Xbox one X, this fall and there are some rumors of 30fps lock of controller difficulties of simplified maps or gameplay. We have a feeling that Fortnite is gonna run better on console than PUBG will run on console so epic kind of wanted to hit this market hard and hit it early and capitalize and get as many players as they can on board before people get on and try PUBG in the fall. it’s great that Fortnite has that free-to-play is great access on all. PUBG is a huge game it’s got two million active players. the one thing from keeping it is the number one game on the planet right but you have to pay for it and it can’t run on consoles if we can do those two things it would be number one for sure.

So, these are the five things it does way better than PUBG. PUBG is also good game overall, it’s a simpler family-friendly version of Fortnite.


  1. I agree that optimization and console support has a lot of room for improvement. But the rest of the things is what I think gives each game their identity. I play both games and I wish for them to not always look at each other for gameplay mechanics. I WANT them to be different. If they always looked at each other for changes to their game then what is the point in them being different products?


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